November 17, 2012


Hey guys! So this week a friend and I got together to catch up and decided to have a late lunch at this restaurant in Toronto called Jump. It is one of the successful restaurants by Oliver & Bonacini. 

For my appetizer I went for their big eye tuna tartare with taro root chips and for my main I decided to go for their Garganelli with smoked pancetta. Overall, filling and delish! 

Look how cool their cups were! I ordered their Green tea Kombucha. Great way to finish a hearty meal .

Here were the FREE desserts we got from them. Yes! Free. I believe they over heard our conversation about their company. My friend and I are actually doing our apprenticeship at two of the Oliver & Bonacini restaurants. It was cool that they took care of us :)

Here was their Molten Chocolate Cake with Vanilla ice cream.
A white chocolate cheesecake double baked in Phyllo and biscotti crust. (This was the one I was originally going to order! Lucky me aha)

Lastly, Toffee Creme Brûlée. You can't ever go wrong with Creme brûlée.

I was not at all surprised how good their food and service was. It's an Oliver & Bonacini signature. I'd definitely go back to try more of their dishes. SA TIS FIED! 

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